Newsletter 2 – Celebrating the International Knowledge Exchange

In September 2022, we held our International Knowledge Exchange held in the lovely rural setting of La Bergerie de Villarceaux, not too far from Paris. 

Nearly 70 participants from 15 different countries gathered to discuss a range of important themes in collaborative short food supply chains, from the position and experiences of farmers, to dynamic procurement, mentoring policy briefs and storytelling, as well as reflection on the project so far.

Farmers, brewers, bakers, food chain innovators, food activists and advocates, procurement officers and a scattering of academics exchanged and discussed over and inspiring and energising three days.

In our latest newsletter, we look at some of the debates and takeaways of the meeting. You can read the latest issue here and sign up to the newsletter here.

You can also watch our new video to learn more about the event and discussions that took place.

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