Coaching and Mentoring

Alongside other training and capacity building activities, COACH provides access to coaching and mentoring for beacon organisations taking part in the project. 

What is the Coaching and Mentoring (C&M) programme? 

This programme is one task within the COACH project which aims to facilitate one-to-one coaching and mentoring exchanges between Coach Beacons, as well as experts from outside the project. These exchanges will likely happen online, though there is a possibility of face-to-face encounters if practical to do so. 

This page is designed to give a short overview of the task as as well as host all resources relating to the programme. See the panel on the right for links to essential documentation for participating in the programme.

What are the aims of the C&M programme? 

  1. Explore the opportunities and obstacles for using coaching and mentoring as a tool for scaling up territorial food systems  
  1. Facilitate a series of coaching/mentoring exchanges between Beacons and (if required) external experts.  
  1. Offer capacity building opportunities to Beacons to deliver their own C&M activities within the project and beyond.  
  1. Showcase the knowledge exchange and learning that Beacons have experienced in the project and beyond.  
  1. Document the experiences of, and impacts on, all participants (i.e. both coaches and ‘coachees’) throughout the delivery of the task.  

The pool of coaches and mentors includes beacon representatives who have a particular expertise, consortium members, and in some cases external experts.  They are identified and matched with coachees/mentees according to need and receive training and support them in their role. 

VIDEO: Mentoring Training and Orientation workshop – 9th June 2022

This training was delivered by coaching and mentoring experts from Coaching & Mentoring Academy at Coventry University and covers an overview of mentoring principles and best practice, as well as hands on exercises and discussion.

Part 1 – Mentoring programme training and orientation workshop
Part 2 – Mentoring programme training and orientation workshop

Our Approach


A relatively structured approach, used for a short period of time, to achieve a particular defined goal


Can be a longer-term informal association between a mentor and a mentee, in which the mentor shares their experience, knowledge and provides role modelling and emotional support

VIDEO: Introducing the Mentoring Journey

A key part of the mentoring process is the Mentoring Journey document. Here, Luke walks you through this form step by step and explains its significance in the mentoring process.

Contact details

The coaching and mentoring programme is being co-led by three COACH staff members
from the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University (UK): Any
questions please feel free to contact them using the details below:

Chris –
Csilla –
Lindy –