Multi Actor Dialogues

COACH will organise a series of multi-actor dialogues (MADs) to enable knowledge exchange and practical planning to support the development of collaborative agri-food chains at the territorial level.  Insights and experience from these events also feed into the farm-to-fork procurement toolkit and training materials. 

City-region multi-actor dialogues on farm-to-fork public procurement   

Two MADs focus on farm-to-fork public procurement at regional level.  These are hosted by local governments in different sized cities and towns to reflect different challenges, scales of supply and demand, and governance contexts.   

Participants include public authority officers, small-scale farmers, NGOs supporting small-scale farmers, social cooperatives, legal advisors and consumers. 

One event will take place in Copenhagen and the other in one of our Associate Partner towns.   

European multi-actor dialogue on farm-to-fork public procurement  

The European MAD provides an opportunity to share experiences, discuss local governments’ visions on farm-to-fork procurement, discover European good practice examples and present the outcomes of the two city-region MADs.  Feedback on the COACH ‘farm to fork’ public procurement toolkit will also be sought. 

Actors from across Europe, including contracting authorities, the 5 COACH Replication Cities, representatives of EU Institutions and others from the supply and demand side will be invited to join.    

Multi-actor dialogues on collaborative, territorial food systems  

These eight one-day MADs bring together a mix of actors involved in small cooperative supermarkets, farmer cooperatives, community supported agriculture schemes, local solidarity purchasing groups, farmers’ markets, and independent or cooperative distributors, advisory services, local government and food policy councils.  

Topics are matched to local specificities and agendas and include price setting mechanisms and processes, logistical practices and issues (such as transport or online platforms) and criteria for public procurement.  

The ‘location’ country and the member of the COACH consortium who will coordinate the events are given below:  

Location  Coordinating COACH Consortium Member 
Austria FIAN Austria 
Belgium (x 2 events) FIAN Belgium 
France Confédération Paysanne 
Georgia Elkana 
Romania Eco Ruralis 
Spain Ehne Bizkaia 
United Kingdom Landworkers’ Alliance