New spotlight video – The Good Food Loop

Mass distribution in the global food system is not only fragile and anti-resilient (evidenced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic), it is also helping to accelerate the critical consequences of climate change. In partnership with local producers in the UK, Tamar Grow Local developed a film showcasing an alternative distribution method – the Good Food Loop.

The Good Food Loop relies on an online farmer’s market where a variety of producers in the UK can sell their products to a wider consumer base as well as to producers seeking to diversify their offerings. The Good Food Loop helps small-scale producers reach that critical mass of eaters and consumers that will sustain their businesses. Additionally, the Loop model drastically reduces the number of transport vehicles on the road by organizing distribution into one or two vans. This saves producers time in delivery, saves costs in transport, and more important helps reduce emissions. The Good Food Loop brings practical value, but also richer connection and exchange between like-minded producers and eaters, and helps to generate more communication and closeness between producers striving for an transformation of the global food system.

Watch the video below and discover more about Tamar Grow local on their website and on the COACH CLIP.

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