Communications, Learning and Innovation Platform (CLIP) 

As the COACH project comes to an end, it’s time to take a closer look at the Communications, Learning and Innovation Platform (CLIP), which is the information channel and legacy of the COACH project.    

It’s hosted on URGENCI’s hub ( and stores all the COACH materials and outputs. It helps to maximise the impact of the project, while simultaneously providing a dynamic virtual space for coaching and training.   

The CLIP hosts a searchable ‘Living Library’ of 34 beacons, bringing together farmers, civil society, local authorities and citizens with common goals and objectives, as well as hosting the several tools divided in different sections: 

  • Learning Module on Costs & Benefits 
  • Training & Mentoring Resources 
  • The Video Library 
  • Sustainable Food Procurement 
  • Food Accessibility 
  • Policy Briefs 
  • Alternative Grain Networks 

Both in the video library, as well as in the procurement and cost and benefits sections, you can find a plectra of multimedia components. 
You can also find innovative tools, such as the Sustainability Self-Assessment App for the qualitative assessment of Costs & Benefits, designed by the University of Florence, made for evaluating the impacts that a given SFSC initiative generates on the actors involved, on the community, and the territory where it takes place, under the economic, social and environmental dimensions. 

Another valuable resource is the “Legal Guide on Farm to Fork Procurement” toolkit. This guide aims to offer practical legal advice to public procurers and stakeholders interested in connecting public food procurement with small-scale farmers and SMEs, focusing on short food supply chains. 

These materials, and many more, will be available long after the end of the project, assuring the legacy of COACH and all the activities carried out during the course of these four years. 

Moreover, PRESTO, the Participatory Resource Sharing Tool, is a continuously evolving platform and space where you can continue to share your own resources and outcomes. 
For any future updates of material relating to COACH or territorial food systems, you can contact URGENCI (contact@urgenci). 

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