New video on Farm-to-fork public procurement coordinated by ICLEI

Public food procurement can help to support small-scale farmers and at the same time improve the access to fresh, seasonal and healthy food in the public canteens. This video is the first ever cartoon on farm-to-fork sustainable public procurement and highlights the importance of a multi-stakeholders approach in promoting inclusive, healthy, and sustainable food procurement processes from farm to fork.

The message is clear: with the right procurement criteria, all the Sustainable Development Goals can fit in one public plate. Small Plate, Big Impact!

The video introduces three key resources to translate sustainable food system principles into procurement strategies and tender criteria:

1) The F2F Procurement Toolkit is mainly addressed to public authorities in order to promote practical and legally sound approaches for opening up food and catering tenders for SMEs and small-scale farmers. Stay tuned, the toolkit will come out soon:…

2) The Manifesto for establishing minimum standards for public canteens across the EU to push for the adoption of virtuous mandatory criteria to transform our food system from public food procurement (‘Buy Better Food Campaign’)

3) A Petition for a healthy school meal for every child in every school is a call for action to ask the EU institutions and Member states to guarantee healthy school meals and food education for every child in every EU school.

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